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The Role of Software Reengineering in Business Success

The pressure on enterprises from new technologies has been accelerating exponentially in recent times. We observe a significant increase in…

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IT Outsourcing: Choosing the Optimal Approach for Your Project

The work landscape has undergone a profound transformation in response to global changes. The concepts of outsourcing and remote work…

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6 steps to successful STARTUP DESIGN

We are used to understanding design as a set of beautiful pictures, but is it so? What tasks does the…

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How not to “fall into the heron’s beak” or Easy way to avoid the risks when launching a startup

I once had a poster on my wall of a heron trying to swallow a frog. The frog got hold…

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Four tips to build the best team for your startup and save money at the same time

This moment has come: you are ready to bring your brilliant startup idea to life. But there’s a massive obstacle…

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How to reduce costs on developers hiring

Was it possible a little while ago to even imagine what kind of technological world we will live in now?…

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How SMB in the US can deal with the problem of developers hiring

Have you ever faced the problem of developers hiring? If the answer is yes, we hasten to tell you that…

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Mobile App for Santa: Case Study

Just imagine that you should work only a few months per year being your own boss with all the people…

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4 Reasons to Use a Property Management Software

Would you consider property management software a must-have or just a marketing tool? Nowadays, it is widely used by companies…

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