Four tips to build the best team for your startup and save money at the same time

This moment has come: you are ready to bring your brilliant startup idea to life. But there’s a massive obstacle between you and your dream startup: you don’t have a development team.

We’ve put together some tips to help you build the best development team for your startup and save money at the same time.

Complete the Discovery Phase

The right start is the most crucial stage of any project. The Discovery Phase will help determine the target audience’s expectations and competitors’ advantages or disadvantages. You will understand what is essential to do first and what to leave for “sweet”. You will form a clear project plan, considering the budget at each stage, minimising risks, and providing a clear framework for project implementation. But most importantly, you will understand which specialists you need at every stage of the development process.

How to save money?

A clear plan and analysis will prevent spending money and resources on unnecessary tasks. And also, you will clearly understand your budget.

Create a strategic Hiring Plan

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t hire a team immediately, create a hiring plan that allows you to bring the specialists in when it’s needed. For example, employ remote developers for the certain development stages.

A remote development team will protect you from additional costs. Hire only qualified specialists. If your specialists are from the same team, you will not have any problems with communication. Thereby, a dedicated team is a winning option for startups.

How to save money?

You will not pay for the time of developers for whom there is currently no work.
For a remote team, you won’t need to hire and fire team members who aren’t the right fit. You will pay only for qualified services.

Ensure constant updates and delivery of your product

Continuous integration and continuous product delivery require collaboration with DevOps specialists. Therefore, connecting them to the project from the beginning of development is critical.

Startups with limited budgets do not need to hire expensive specialists but instead use DevOps as a Service. They can connect services as required.

How to save money?

You pay only for services, not the permanent presence of DevOps in your team.

Set up a secure team collaboration

Make sure your team has the tools to make their work easier and faster. It is up to you to choose the best and most secure tools for collaboration and communication. You should constantly monitor the information on the project, as well as automation of routine tasks of the team.

How to save money?

Accelerating teamwork reduces development time and costs.

A coordinated team of software developers will help quickly turn your startup into reality.

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