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13 - years of productive cooperation and proved success stories
years of productive cooperation and proved success stories
20+ - IT professionals
IT professionals
60+ - successfully completed projects
successfully completed projects

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We take pride in building trusting relationships with our clients delivering quality solutions through our dedication to excellence.


What we do

We help companies to digitalize their business and keep up with the times. We can start cooperation at any stage of your business development and create software of any complexity. While we take care of your technology performance, you can focus on large-scale goals.

Staff Augmentation
Transform your workforce with our Staff Augmentation service, accessing top-tier expertise seamlessly. Elevate your business potential by integrating skilled professionals swiftly and efficiently.
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Application development 
Develop custom software with our expert team. Our high-quality services bring your unique software ideas to life. Focus on creating a standout user experience, and we'll handle the rest.
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Data Science and AI 
SvitSoftware employs advanced AI technologies for product innovation, data analysis, business process optimization, and diverse projects in real estate, medicine, marketing, and entertainment. We guarantee high quality, confidentiality, and cost-effectiveness.
Dedicated team
Build your efficient development team through our dedicated team model. Tailor the team to your project needs. This collaboration ensures effective budget control and maximizes the output.
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Reengineering Legacy Applications
We update old software for improved efficiency, modern standards compliance, and enhanced security. It helps to reduce maintenance costs and boosts competitiveness with innovative technologies.
DevOps as a Service
Elevate your production speed and mitigate risks with our DevOps professionals. We ensure efficient updates, offering detailed tracking for informed decision-making and real-time responsiveness to changes.
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Cloud migration
Planning a move from on-premises or legacy systems to the cloud? SvitSoftware experts assist in selecting the optimal cloud model, designing and implementing your solution, testing functionality, and providing ongoing support. 
UX/UI Design
Distinguish your brand, boost customer satisfaction, and increase conversions with our UI/UX service. We design and develop your UI/UX solution, test functionality, and offer ongoing support.
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We conduct a professional Discovery phase to ensure quality task performance, defining scope, complexity, key requirements, and client/user expectations. This optimizes budget and project timelines, ensuring efficient resource use.
Clients about our services


Discover what our clients are saying about our services and their experience working with us.

Travel Services Company

The impressions of our clients are the best source of confidence in the quality of our services and satisfaction with our collaboration.

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KAN Development
IT Director

SvitSoftware has been exceeding expectations so far — they deliver outputs on time, communicate clearly, attend to requests promptly, and resolve problems quickly. Moreover, they’ve impressed with their strong adherence to quality, making them the perfect partner for any project.

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Through SvitSoftware has proactively suggested features to ensure that the software addresses all of the client’s business challenges. Through their custom solution, the client is now able to consolidate information from their entire system and identify opportunities based on their current state.

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Business Services Company
Project Lead

SvitSoftware successfully delivered designs that were useful in revamping the client’s website. They facilitated a seamless partnership through efficient, productive, and flexible workflows. Beyond their professionalism, their expertise in design and visual communication was impressive.

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Software Development Company

SvitSoftware successfully completed and delivered the project. They met the client regularly during the development, and their excellent services impressed the client.

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