Cookies policy

Last Updated: 8 November 2021

General provisions

We use cookies and similar storage technologies to improve the user experience of the Svit.Software service (the “Service”).

Our Cookies Policy (“Policy”) explains what cookies we use and how to disable or remove them from your device. Some cookies collect personal information. You can read how we process personal data in our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies

Cookies are files of data that keep web browsing information, including personal account information. The service sends cookies to your browser, and information about cookies is stored on your device.

What type of cookies do we use

We use cookies to monitor your activity and improve our Service performance.

Types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: to operate our Service.
  • Functionality cookies: to operate the website in accordance with the choices you make.
  • Secure cookies: for your safety while you use the Service.
  • Advertising cookies: to target advertisements that may be interesting for you.

Consent to use cookies

We ask for your consent to use cookies when you first visit our Service. You can:

  • Accept all cookies or allow only some of the cookies.

You can always withdraw your consent or change your cookies preferences.

  • Prohibit the use of all cookies, except for those that are necessary for the Service functioning.

Please note that if you prohibit the use of all cookies or some of them, you will not be able to use some of our Service functions.

If we change the Cookies Policy, we will inform you about this and ask your permission to use them again.

We can receive data about your preferences from our partners, data analysis providers, ad networks, and so on to send you the information that may be interesting for you.

Third-Party cookies

Our Service may contain links to other websites. We advise you to read the Cookies Policy of each website you visit.

We are not responsible for the content and cookies policy of third-party websites or services.

How to delete cookies

Cookies are stored not only on our systems but also on your device. We do not have access to the device to delete them, but you can do it yourself using the instructions for deleting cookies from your browser: Google Chrome, Safari iOS, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

Legal basis for data processing

We process your data following the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Personal Data”, as well as with the best European standards defined in the international acts, in particular in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We do not transfer your data to third-party websites or services unless it is necessary to receive payment for using the Service, integration analytical system, and CRM software in accordance with the terms of cooperation or for another legitimate purpose.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our Cookies Policy, please contact us via email [email protected] or following the address LLC “Sweet Soft”, Kyiv, st. Pyrohivskyi shliakh, 167A.

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