DevOps as a service

SvitSoftware DevOps team can provide a continuous delivery pipeline across cloud platforms resulting in quicker time to market, ensuring the quality of code and delivery, and reducing costs.

Deliver software BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER, and more SAFELY with our DevOps specialists.

DevOps as a service

You need DevOps just to relax

The agile approach of DevOps, which means the close collaboration of the development and operations teams, creates transparency at every step in development. It helps reduce errors and identify potential risks at an early stage of development. DevOps enables you to make use of the entire potential of your IT in a CONFIDANT, STRESS-FREE, and FLEXIBLE way.

For existing products

  • How does it work?

    • Project analysis
    • Maintenance
    • Infrastructure support
    • Developer support
  • Maintenance

    • Setup common log
    • Set up alerts
    • Set up backup strategy

For development teams

  • Infrastructure support

    • Work in incidents
  • Developer support

    • Setting up and maintenance CI/CD pipeline
    • Release management
    • Support and maintenance developers environments

Benefits of outsourced DevOps services

SvitSoftware DevOps service is high-level support within a reasonable investment rate

  • Fast and easy team scaling-up
  • Specific specialists for required tasks
  • Wide tech stack expertise available at any time
dev benefits picture

Our expertise

  • technology icon Continuous integrations

  • technology icon Automated deployment

  • technology icon Monitoring and escalation

  • technology icon Release management

  • technology icon Configuration management

  • technology icon Kubernetes/Cluster management

  • technology icon GitOps

  • technology icon Policy as a Code

  • technology icon Cloud-Native

  • technology icon Centralized logging


Stages of service delivery

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