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To help our clients with marketing and sales performance improvement, we have created a multifunctional platform — AdSaver.

With this tool, it's possible to allocate resources for advertising campaigns optimization and understand customers' behavior much better.

AdSaver includes:

AdSaver includes:

  • AdSaver LMS

    AdSaver LMS

    CRM system that provides you with the ability to track marketing and sales processes. AdSaver LMS enables you:

    • Create a custom database according to incoming calls and other clients requests
    • Plan all stages of working with clients
    • Monitor each stage of your sales funnel
    • Track tasks status of your workers
    • Integrate supplementary services (Call Back, IP telephony)
    • Generate real-time reports
    • Transfer data to Facebook or Google Pixel for ad campaigns creation

  • Call Tracking

    Call Tracking

    An analytical tool that tracks full customers' ways before they contact you nd collects all the needed information about them. This tool reduces unanswered calls by 80%, which in turn facilitates customer growth on average by 20% within the first month of work. It works as follows:

    - The customer get in touch with the company via a unique number on the website or the one inserted into the advertising message
    - The tracker determines the source of referral to the site and all potential customer’s actions that influence him to make a call
    - The system saves and evaluates all clients’ activity

    With the Call Tracking tool you can make the following actions:

    • Calculate how many linked numbers do you need for processes optimization
    • Easily integrate it to your website with no need to interfere with the code
    • Integrate it with any CRM
    • Set up analytics in Google Analytics and AdSaver LMS
    • Transfer conversions data to Facebook and Google Pixel which helps to create the most relevant audience for further ad campaigns

  • Call Back

    Call Back

    A Сall Back ordering widget that can be placed on the website or social media channels. With this tool you can make the following actions:

    • Install the widget on your website or social media channel
    • Set up calls forwarding
    • Set up working hours
    • Record all calls with your clients and keep them in your system for a year
    • Insert reports

    This tool provides you with the ability to increase the number of customer requests up to 40%, boost sales via social media channels by up to 27%, and convert leads into clients 3 times faster.

  • Cloud PBX

    Cloud PBX

    A cloud PBX that consolidates virtual corporate numbers into one network without the need to connect phones or SIP gateways. It allows you to:

    • Integrate telephony with your CRM system
    • Create a custom voice menu
    • Record incoming and outgoing calls
    • Save the history of conversations with customers
    • Make several calls at the same time

    This tool helps you to create an entire process for your telephony organization and customer service improvement.


Why AdSaver:


    Individual approach

    10+ years of expertise and 50+ successful projects


    Innovative solution

    A platform that helps to optimize marketing and sales processes to improve business efficiency


    Exceptional service

    Full analysis of the company's requirements for the fast and successful integration


    Clear integration

    Easy installation without the need to interfere in the website code and fast integration with any CRM-system

Why AdSaver:

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